» Reformas con alma » this could be the manifesto of Madureira Projects.
I felt in love with Seville the first time I went there on holidays 15 years ago: the architecture, the smell of orange blossom and jasmine, the fervor of the people. As a Parisian myself, I discovered then another city of stunning beauty.
I now live between both cities where I dedicate my time to find some gems in historical buildings in order to renovate them. Give them back their splendor with a contemporary twist.
My inspiration always comes from travels I’ve done, people I met. Keeping the quintessence of each place but adding a « métissage » vibe because asperities are life.
Each project starts the same way: the place always give the thread to the design idea. With its technical issues.
Then I articulate my mood of the moment and what I feel the place should look like. And how people will feel in it.

Jean-Baptiste FOUYER

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